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Sandstorm Facade
Buffer Inversion

Building Structures
Fall 2017

Sandstorm is a natural disaster destructive to infrastructures and built environments around the world. My design focuses on acceptance, changing ows and engagement of the natural force. The conceptual purpose of the system is to create a soft, breathable structure that redirects instead of negating.

The design structure is a facade modular system that aims to invert and utilize the destructive force from the sandstorm for protective force. The panel facade system is adaptable to facades of existing buildings, with dynamic open/close con gurations suitable for different weather conditions.

The force of the sandstorm is buffered and absorbed structurally, the destructive force is inverted to support the facade itself as a shield by a rotating fulcrum.

 VOLUME & LATERAL DESTRUCTION | Sandstorm destructive power separates into lateral wind force and sand volumePOWER VOLUME SOLUTIONS | Energy flow studies

On the contact vertical surface level: 1) modular panels spreading and dividing pressure points equally over a larger facade area; 2) a layering of elastic screens disturb the direct lateral forces
of the wind creating anti-resonance; and 3) lter the sand particles and trickle down the system discharging the sand volume received. Vertical panels interlock on the same plane by a slanted contact angle forcing a one way rotational angle when subjected to storm. The cumulative dynamic creates interlocks and pressure-balances the whole facade system.

The steel connector could potentially be rolled up and stacked when there are no potential sandstorms, for open ventilation and exterior exposure. When opened, the panels could function as cantilevered small balcony rack.

Modular panel system diagram