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Spring 2019 (Work in progress)

1 Pontiac Avenue, West Warwick, RI.

The West Warwick Wastewater Treatment Plant serves as an indispensable infrastructure protecting the public health of the community. Yet all of its service is ironically shielded from view by tangent river, highway, bike trails in a covert of inaccessible wetland pockets.

The design ‘Ploop’ aims to transform the current heavily industrial and centralized wastewater treatment system, to a naturalized constructed wetlands system with reduced waste load. In this process, waste is reused for the production of urban agriculture with new public programs. Linear resource flow of Consumption- Waste for a new cycle paradigm of Waste-Energy-Agriculture.

Two typologies- “Transportation & Agriculture” are layered onto the existing infrastructure creating a participatory landscape, provoking an understanding of our roles as part of this resource regenerative cycle.

1) Transportation Hub reorients the site as a public center through a highway connection with existing tangential transport routes, activating social flow of surrounding commercial and educational properties.

2) Urban agriculture feeds on bio-waste, harvests local produce, and disperses plant modules for decentralized grey water treatment to be implanted at local neighborhood scales. As decentralized treatment takes place with up to 70% of grey water reused at neighborhood gardens, the reduced wastewater load is diverted into a constructed wetland treatment system on site connecting existing surrounding wetlands as a scenic landscape.
Walkways mirrors the underground flow streams linking programs, joining existing wetlands and creating various flood-mitigating typologies.

Through this urban hub, the project encourages an active lifestyle and rejuvenates the former site as a shared resource and recreation commons.