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RISD Nature Lab Biodesign Makerspace

Spring 2018 

Collaborative Design-Build Project 
Instructors:  Jennifer Bissonnette, Eduardo Duarte

Working with principles of biophilic design for the Nature Lab to be built during the summer of 2018, funded by EAGER grant from the National Science Foundation. Following the build-out of the design, TLAD students and faculty will be making use of the space to create and teach curriculum to area high school students, on designing with nature's technologies. The space will provide an immersive environment for students to engage in hands-on design projects that cultivate a working knowledge of biology and natural systems.

My role in the team:

Initial overall concept development/ Draft design of furniture components

Detailed design and prototype of Pivoting Work Table (w. Madelyn)
and Wall Storage (w. Andrew)

All illustrative drawings and poster board 

Team Members:

Madelyn Albright
Naeera Ali
Michela Funari
Andrew Kennedy
Jenny Lu
Yilun Shao
Ivy Song
Jiayu Xie
Mengxi Zhang
Ika Zhao

Build out - Phase 1 

Material Experimentation
1:4 Model 

1”=1’0” Concept Model

1:4 scale model