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BetterBin NYC
Contest Entry

Fall 2018

RIPPLE is a litter bin designed to provide an efficient servicing experience for sanitation workers. The dynamic design features handle points on the side, bottom, and top, that provides support for lifting and dragging actions. The overall cylindrical shape maximizes volume, while the combination of perforated metal and hardened plastic bottom minimizes material weight. 

Team Bio:

Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of undergraduate students from different fields studying at Rhode Island School of Design. With common interests in sustainability and designing for the realm of public space, we came together to collaborate on this project.

Industrial Deisgn:
Quincy Kuang (Lead)
Qianyi Zhang
Raymond Lin

Interior Architecture: 
Kelly He

Grace Oh

Building from the goal of creating a holistic experience for both the sanitation workers and the public,  we brainstormed many design iterations, tested through physical mock ups, 3D printed renderings, and materials studies. Finally we landed on an approach that uses geometries inspired by forms of water to increase the efficiency of handling the bin as well as stackability and durability.