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Architectural Technology 

Fall 2022

Team: Mo Ismail, Daniel Li, Rilka Li, Duncan Tomlin, David Zhang

Our GSAPP team worked collaboratively on designing and detailing a school project in Revit. Aspects of building technology studied included sustainability, structural systems, mechanical, egress and life safety, fire suppression and plumbing, lighting, acoustics, and facade details.

Spring 2023

X-Information Modelling 
Alternate Chinatown

Team: Wei Xiao

Spring 2023

Team: Yuna Li, Laurin Moseley

Our project focuses on the unseen material and social life of something as simple as a (suspended) staircase. Through analysis, drawing, and modeling, our research taps into global supply chains, labor practices, and environmental conundrums embodied within the staircase's wood treads, steel cables, and the adhesives used.