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1/14” : 1’
Interior Architecture
Senior Show

Spring 2019

Merging fabrication and projection technology, this show explores unconventional approaches to adaptive reuse and narrative environment. The installation draws from the existing conditions of the CIT Lobby and holds volumes derived from the heights, depths, and gridlines generated by the architectural elements throughout the space. Digital archives of individual design works and collective memories are mapped upon the geometries, forming a kaleidoscopic digital landscape that activates a seemingly underwhelming space.

The title of the show “ 1/14” : 1’ ” is more than a wordplay of the number of seniors this year or the architecture scales we use for drawings and models. Just as a standard architecture scale links design representations to real-life dimensions, this non-standard scale denotes how we imagine the relationship between what we do as designers and the world, as well as our hope to bridge gaps, make sense, and form connections with each other as we navigate the different dimensions of life.

Class Team Members:

Bryant Lui
Lily Huo
Danning Niu
Diana Lin
Ika Zhao
Danielle Williams
Andrea Zhu
Abdullah Moussa
Ashley Chen
Jenny Lu
Mengxi Zhang
Emily Brenner

My role in the team:

Concept development
Fabrication & installation